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NHV BOOT Computer Rescue Toolkit with modern, professional design, fast speed, support from old computers to latest computers. NHV BOOT brings many advanced features to everyone to be able to solve computer problems and errors. NHV BOOT with a modern and intuitive interface aimed at all users.


  • Automatically add NVME IRST Intel Gen 11 driver when installing Windows with Setup.exe
  • Full of advanced features suitable for Engineering / IT and everyone
  • Have Anydesk and Aeroin help control remote support connection via WinPE
  • Identify Apple SSD hard drives, TrackPad, Wifi on new MacBook laptops
  • Includes versions of Win11PE (64-bit), Win10PE (64-bit), Win10PE (32-bit)
  • Modern Wifi connection interface, the connection speed is much faster than other boot versions using PE Network
  • Modern boot menu and app icon design, completely different from other boot versions
  • NHV BOOT has support for the latest 11th gen Intel CPU touchscreen screen
  • Regular update support to ensure that the software in NHV BOOT is always the latest
  • Speedy boot and loading speed on all WinPE versions
  • Support boot UEFI 32bit with Win10PE 32bit for some supported machines (disable secure boot)
  • Support booting according to 2 boot standards, UEFI and Legacy
  • Support reading and writing APFS macOS, Ext4 Linux partitions
  • Support to install Windows 11 bypass with Setup.exe. Bypass TMP 2.0 and Secure Boot
  • Support to receive Intel Gen 11 and AMD 5000 Series laptop audio
  • Support to receive touchpad for the latest laptops gen 11 or older
  • Support to unlock Bitlocker in WinPE requires a password or recovery key
  • Supports NVME hard drive recognition of Intel Gen 11 AMD 5000 Series computers
  • Supports all generations of computers, from the old to the newest
  • Supports unlocking computers with passwords, fingerprints, Microsoft accounts, and Domains
  • Win11PE (64and -bit) Win10PE (6,4-bit) with many features automatically recognize LAN + Wifi
  • Win11PE (64and -bit) Win10PE (64-bit) can be used well on UEFI 2GB Ram machines
  • WinPE interface is designed to be intuitive, synchronous, and modern
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