Thursday, March 16, 2023

Filmora Effect Packs for versions 9.x and 10.x

Filmora Effect Packs for versions 9.x and 10.x

Filmora offers numerous video effects including titles, transitions, filters, effects, elements, and audio, making your video looks more attractive.

All packages are in EXE format.
Packages are 7z-sfx archives that are decompressed in
C:/ProgramData/Wondershare Filmora/Default Effects/DefaultPackage
New effects are installed along this path:
Documents\Wondershare Filmora 9\Installed Effects
and accordingly hang in a separate "Filmstock" folder in the program, and not in the General.

Filmora Effect Packs for versions 9.x and 10.x
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2D Business 2 Download
2D Business Download
3D Abstract Sphere Download
3D Sci-fi Game Download
3D Social Media Icons Download
8 Bit Gamer Set Download
80s Retro Set Download
2020 Calender Download
Action Cam Summer Set Download
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Advent Christmas Download
Agent Filmora Download
All Splash Elemental Set Download
Aloha Download
Anaglyph Motion Slideshow Download
Ancient Civilization Set Download
Anglers Download
Animal Party Download
Anime Manga Set Download
Artistic Theme Set Download
Atmospheric Intro Download
Awards Ceremony Download
Baby Kids Download
Battle Royale Download
Beautiful Wedding Download
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Beer Festival Download
Big Titles Download
Birthday Celebration Download
Blackboard Download
BlockBuster 1 Download
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BlockBuster 3 Download
BlockBuster 4 Download
BlockBuster 5 Download
Blueprint Download
Bold Addition Download
Bold Themes Set Download
Broadcast Lowerthirds Download
Broadcast Titles Download
Built-in - Resources Download
Business Set Download
Cafe Life Download
Callouts Expansion Set Download
Candy Dream Download
Carnival Set Download
Channel Subscribe Download
Chinese Calligraphy Download
Chinese New Year 2020 Download
Chinese New Year Download
Chromatic Filter Set Download
Cinema Download
Cinematic End Credits Download
Cinematic Intro Download
Cinematic Overlay Set Download
Cinematic Titles Download
Circus Download
Clean Call Outs Download
Clean Footage Reel Download
Contagion Download
Conversation Download
Corporate Titles Download
Crayons Download
Crazy Windows Download
Curls Download
Cute Monsters Download
Cute Space Download
Cyber Security Download
DIY 2 Download
DIY Set Download
Day of the Dead Download
Digital Titles Download
Dinosaur Kids Download
Diversity Download
Dreamy Theme Set Download
Dynamic Intro Download
Education Set Download
Elegant Title Download
Elements Collection 1 Download
Elements Collection 2 Download
Energy Sports Download
Entertainment Openers 1 Download
Entertainment Openers 2 Download
Epic Opener Slideshow Download
Fashion 1 Download
Fashion 2 Download
Fast Food Download
Fast Pop Opener Download
Fathers Day Download
Filmstock Collection 6 Download
Fitness Goals Download
Fitness Set Download
Floral Set Download
Food Set Download
Free Effect Collection 1 Download
Free Effect Collection 2 Download
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Free Effect Collection 4 Download
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Game Intro Download
Gaming Set Download
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Glass Borders Download
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Handy Stickers Download
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Health Science Download
Healthcare Download
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Hypnotic Download
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Japanese 1 Download
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Landmark Collection 1 Download
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Light Letters Download
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Lower Third 1 Download
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Magazines Download
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Meow Download
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Motion VFX 1-2 Download
Music Artist Download
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Office Download
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Parallax Download
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Photo Stack Download
Pixel Block Download
Planets Download
Pool Party Download
Pop Set Download
Premium Effects Collection 1 Download
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Premium Filmstock 3 Download
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Presentation Set Download
Profile Movie Download
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Real Time Typing Download
Retro Cinema Download
Sailor Download
School Download
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Science Download
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Soccer Download
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Surreal Download
TV Channel Download
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Tarot Download
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Tech Review Download
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Title Expansion Set Download
Transitions Variety 1-2 Download
Travel Set 1 Download
Travel Set 2 Download
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Unicorn Flamingo Download
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Video Game Download
Viewfinder Download
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Wedding Title Download
Winners Download
World Environment Day Download
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Zine Download
Zoo Animals Download

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Wondershare Filmora x64 Multilingual

Wondershare Filmora x64 Multilingual


You can easily make impressive and captivating videos using Filmora, a video editor for Windows. With Filmora's built-in editing features, creating videos only requires a few simple steps.

Pick up Your Editing Anywhere
Creativity shouldn't be confined, nor should editing. Filmora editing platform allows you to edit on a desktop or on the go.

Back up Assets to Cloud Anytime
You can back up imported files, project files, favorite effects, or customized settings to the cloud and get back anytime with your Wondershare ID.

Team up for Video Creation
Filmora Workspace provides a workspace for your team to share, discuss, and adjust your video works with top-level security.

AI Smart Cutout
Paint on people, background, or any imperfections to make your videos flawless.

AI Audio Stretch
Your every song is the right song to fit any length of clip with AI Audio Stretch.

AI Audio Denoise
No more wind noise, crowd noise, or any annoying sound. Enjoy the peace that Filmora brings.

Auto Reframe
Resize a row of videos automatically in minutes. No editing skills are required.

Silence Detection
Create a non-stop video full of highlights by cutting all needless pauses smartly.

Features of Wondershare Filmora:
  • Motion Tracking - Attach an element to a moving object in your video easily with auto motion tracking.
  • Keyframing - Customize animation by adding keyframes to change a clip's position, rotation, scale, and opacity.
  • Color Match - Match the color of selected clips to another frame from another clip.
  • Audio Ducking - Quickly fade your music so your dialogue stands out
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Editor - Edit faster-using hotkey commands.
  • New UI and switch dark/light mode - Switch light and dark mode for all-day editing comfort.
  • Plain Text - Added flexibility to editing using plain text.
  • Advanced Title Editing ( for Win only) - Change the position, rotation, and scale of a title (as a whole) on the player.
  • New Effects - 30 new elements and nine callout titles.
  • Touch Bar (Mac) - Preview and scrub through your timeline using the touch bar.

System Requirements and Technical Details:
Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
Processor: Multicore Intel Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB or more recommended

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Jadwal Lengkap Full HD Fifa World Cup 2022

Jadwal Lengkap Full HD Fifa World Cup 2022


Fase Grup
Grup A
Minggu, 20 November 2022
23.00 WIB: Qatar vs Ekuador - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
Senin, 21 November 2022
23.00 WIB: Senegal vs Belanda - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
Jumat, 25 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Qatar vs Senegal - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
23.00 WIB: Belanda vs Ekuador - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Ar-Rayyan)
Selasa, 29 November 2022
22.00 WIB: Belanda vs Qatar - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
22.00 WIB: Ekuador vs Senegal - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Ar-Rayyan)

Grup B
Amerika Serikat
Senin, 21 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Inggris vs Iran - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Ar-Rayyan)
Selasa, 22 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Amerika Serikat vs Wales - Stadion Ahmad Bin Ali (Ar-Rayyan)
Jumat, 25 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Wales vs Iran - Stadion Ahmad Bin Ali (Ar-Rayyan)
Sabtu, 26 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Inggris vs Amerika Serikat - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
Rabu, 30 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Wales vs Inggris - Stadion Ahmad Bin ali (Ar-Rayyan)
02.00 WIB: Iran vs Amerika Serikat - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
Grup C
Arab Saudi
Selasa, 22 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Argentina vs Arab Saudi - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
23.00 WIB: Meksiko vs Polandia - Stadion 974 (Doha)
Sabtu, 26 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Polandia vs Arab Saudi - Stadion Education City (Doha)
Minggu, 27 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Argentina vs Meksiko - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
Kamis, 1 Desember 2022
02.00 WIB: Polandia vs Argentina - Stadion 974 (Doha)
02.00 WIB: Arab Saudi vs Meksiko - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
Grup D
Selasa, 22 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Denmark vs Tunisia - Stadion Education City (Doha)
Rabu, 23 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Perancis vs Australia - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
Sabtu, 26 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Tunisia vs Australia - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
23.00 WIB: Perancis vs Denmark - Stadion 974 (Doha)
Rabu, 30 November 2022
22.00 WIB: Australia vs Denmark - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
22.00 WIB: Tunisia vs Perancis - Stadion Education City (Doha)
Grup E
Kosta Rika
Rabu, 23 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Jerman vs Jepang - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Al Rayyan)
23.00 WIB: Spanyol vs Kosta Rika - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
Minggu, 27 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Jepang vs Kosta Rika - Stadion Ahmad Bin Ali (Ar-Rayyan)
Senin, 28 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Spanyol vs Jerman - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
Jumat, 2 Desember 2022
02.00 WIB: Jepang vs Spanyol - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Ar-Rayyan)
02.00 WIB: Kosta Rika vs Jerman - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
Grup F
Rabu, 23 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Maroko vs Kroasia - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
Kamis, 24 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Belgia vs Kanada - Stadion Ahmad Bin Ali (Ar-Rayyan)
Minggu, 27 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Belgia vs Maroko - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
23.00 WIB: Kroasia vs Kanada - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Ar-Rayyan)
Kamis, 1 Desember 2022
22.00 WIB: Kroasia vs Belgia - Stadion Ahmad Bin Ali (Ar-Rayyan)
22.00 WIB: Kanada vs Maroko - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
Grup G
Kamis, 24 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Swiss vs Kamerun - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
Jumat, 25 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Brasil vs Serbia - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
Senin, 28 November 2022
17.00 WIB: Kamerun vs Serbia - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
23.00 WIB: Brasil vs Swiss - Stadion 974 (Doha)
Sabtu, 3 Desember 2022
02.00 WIB: Serbia vs Swiss - Stadion 974 (Doha)
02.00 WIB: Kamerun vs Brasil - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
Grup H
Korea Selatan
Kamis, 24 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Uruguay vs Korea Selatan - Stadion Education City (Doha)
23.00 WIB: Portugal vs Ghana - Stadion 974 (Doha)
Senin, 28 November 2022
20.00 WIB: Korea Selatan vs Ghana - Stadion Education City (Doha)
Selasa, 29 November 2022
02.00 WIB: Portugal vs Uruguay - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
Jumat, 2 Desember 2022
22.00 WIB: Ghana vs Uruguay - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
22.00 WIB: Korea Selatan vs Portugal - Stadion Education City (Doha)
16 Besar
Sabtu, 3 Desember 2022
(49) 22.00 WIB: Juara Grup A vs Runner-up Grup B - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Ar-Rayyan)
Minggu, 4 Desember 2022
(50) 02.00 WIB: Juara Grup C vs Runner-up Grup D - Stadion Ahmad Bin Ali (Ar-Rayyan)
(51) 22.00 WIB: Juara Grup D vs Runner-up Grup C - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
Senin, 5 Desember 2022
(52) 02.00 WIB: Juara Grup B vs Runner-up Grup A - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)
(53) 22.00 WIB: Juara Grup E vs Runner-up Grup F - Stadion Al Janoub (Al Wakrah)
Selasa, 6 Desember 2022
(54) 02.00 WIB: Juara Grup G vs Runner-up Grup H - Stadion 974 (Doha)
(55) 22.00 WIB: Juara Grup F vs Runner-up Grup E - Stadion Education City (Doha)
Rabu, 7 Desember 2022
(56) 02.00 WIB: Juara Grup H vs Runner-up Grup G - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)

Perempat Final
Jumat, 9 Desember 2022
(57) 22.00 WIB: Pemenang Laga 53 vs Pemenang Laga 54 - Stadion Education City (Doha)
Minggu, 10 Desember 2022
(58) 02.00 WIB: Pemenang Laga 49 vs Pemenang Laga 50 - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
(59) 22.00 WIB: Pemenang Laga 55 vs Pemenang Laga 56 - Stadion Al Thumama (Doha)
Senin, 11 Desember 2022
(60) 02.00 WIB: Pemenang Laga 51 vs Pemenang Laga 52 - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)

Rabu, 14 Desember 2022
(SF1) 02.00 WIB: Pemenang Laga 57 vs Pemenang Laga 58 - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)
Kamis, 15 Desember 2022
(SF2) 02.00 WIB: Pemenang Laga 59 vs Pemenang Laga 60 - Stadion Al Bayt (Al Khor)

Perebutan Tempat Ketiga
Sabtu, 17 Desember 2022
22.00 WIB: Tim Kalah SF1 vs Tim Kalah SF2 - Stadion Internasional Khalifa (Al-Rayyan)

Minggu, 18 Desember 2022
22.00 WIB: Tim Menang SF1 vs Tim Menang SF2 - Stadion Lusail (Al Daayen)


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Video Watermark Subtitle Creator Professional Edition

Video Watermark Subtitle Creator Professional Edition


Features of the programs:
  • Put watermarks to videos in batch.
  • Create dynamic watermark and subtitle effects (e.g. Expand, Scroll, Flash and Fade In).
  • Edit WordArt effects in WYSIWYG.
  • Add subtitles to videos in batch.
  • Convert videos in batch.
  • Merge videos in batch.
  • Split  video in batch.
  • Clip videos in batch.

General info:
Files Name:     Video Watermark Subtitle Creator Professional Edition
Created by:       Ionlysoft
License Type:   Full Version
Languages:       English

Bandicam Full Version

Bandicam Full Version


Features of the programs:
  • Draw and outline on your video or screenshot in real-time.
  • Add webcam video of yourself on the video that you are recording.
  • Start recording at a specific time on a daily/weekly schedule
  • Record the system audio and your voice at the same time.
  • Add a mouse click effect and animation while recording.
  • Make a chroma key video in real-time while recording your computer screen.
  • You can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting.
  • The recorded file size is much smaller than other software.
  • You can record over 24 hours without stopping.
  • You can record video at resolutions of up to 2560×1600 in high quality.
  • You will experience much less lag than with other capture programs

General info:
Files Name:      Bandicam
Created by:       Bandicam Company
License Type:    Full Version
Languages:        Multilingual